psa: time to learn about OCD (please read)


there are so many misconceptions about this disorder and it desperately needs to be fixed

having OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)   the following:

  • preferring to having things organized/clean/etc.
  • preferring to do things a certain way (showering at night only, etc.) These are simply habits and are completely “normal”  and healthy. 
  • washing your hands/yourself/ your living space often but IN A RATIONAL MANNER as to be safe and healthy
  • preferring numbers to be exact (like $10.00 rather than $9.77)
  • being addicted to things like gambling, overeating, etc. IN WHICH THERE IS AT LEAST SOME PLEASURE EXPERIENCED by the activity
  • feeling bothered if something is out of order/dirty/not belonging (the classic “theres a red sprinkle in the blue compartment look how ocd I am”) (pls don’t)
  • having a strong interest or fixation in any activity/thing in which the individual devotes extensive time/energy or seems to be “obsessed” (sports, books, celebrities, religion, etc.)
  • being a perfectionist
  • literally anything that a person likes to do or usually does but does not cause them anxiety if done differently
  • literally any weird/nervous behavior as long as it is not repetitive
  • I could go on much further but I think you get the idea

having OCD = the following:

  • having repetitive and highly impairing and distressing thoughts that are often involuntary (called obsessions)
  • engaging in repetitive rituals/behaviors (called compulsions) that are meant to reduce or relieve the anxiety felt by these thoughts (RITUALS MAY BE PHYSICAL AND/OR MENTAL)

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